Welcome to NSMR

The National Secretariat for Media Reforms (NSMR), came into being following an assessment of the media industry and professionalism in Sri Lanka in 2015.

A registered non-profit organization, NSMR’s mandate and mission is to address issues involving Information, Communication and Media Development and Democracy, both at national and local levels in the country.

Its main focus is to facilitate the development of Information Policy, Communication Policy, Media Policy, the Media, information and cyber Literacy by monitoring Sri Lankan society and bringing emerging issues to the attention of policy makers, the media, communication and information practitioners’ and citizens, for action.

NSMR’s secondary role is to facilitate the development of Freedom of Expression, Pluralism and Diversity of Information, Communication, Media and Accountability.

Contact us: secretariat@nsmr.org


“A media, Communication and Information landscape which corroborates Freedom of Expression with Editorial Independence, a Pluralistic outlook, Diversity, Openness and Accountability which will strengthen the democratic course of action in Sri Lanka”.

Mission Statement

“To campaign and facilitate for the restructuring of the information, communication and media landscape in Sri Lanka to ensure its development and to nurture an informed, reflective, critical and engaged citizenry that is essential for an active democratic society”.


To prepare an environment where, in a democratic society, information, communication and media can perform the role entrusted to it more effectively and productively.

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Sri Lanka Media Lawyers’ Network and Media Lawyers’ Working Groups NSMR established Media Lawyers Network At Sooriya Village, Colombo 1st June 2018 .

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Media Lawyers' Workshop on International Media Laws': NSMR partnership with IMS.

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Production of Video Documentaries on RTI Profiling Journalists and other citizens using RTI Law in public interest Workshop on Documentary Production.

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