Welcome to NSMR

The National Secretariat for Media Reforms (NSMR), came into being following an assessment of the media industry and professionalism in Sri Lanka in 2015.

A registered non-profit organization, NSMR’s mandate and mission is to address issues involving Information, Communication and Media Development and Democracy, both at national and local levels in the country.

Its main focus is to facilitate the development of Information Policy, Communication Policy, Media Policy, the Media, information and cyber Literacy by monitoring Sri Lankan society and bringing emerging issues to the attention of policy makers, the media, communication and information practitioners’ and citizens, for action.

NSMR’s secondary role is to facilitate the development of Freedom of Expression, Pluralism and Diversity of Information, Communication, Media and Accountability.

Contact us: secretariat@nsmr.org

Our History

NSMR was established in March 2015, as a virtual group in collaboration with the Ministry of Mass Media, Department of Mass Media, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Press Institute and the Strategic Alliance for Research and Development to assess the media industry and professionalism in Sri Lanka. As a result of that study, the need arose for an independent body which could prepare the environment to facilitate and advocate for the implementation of recommendations therein. Accordingly, NSMR was registered and set-up as a non-profit organization.

Vision, Mission & Goals


“A media, Communication and Information landscape which corroborates Freedom of Expression with Editorial Independence, a Pluralistic outlook, Diversity, Openness and Accountability which will strengthen the democratic course of action in Sri Lanka”.

Mission Statement

“To campaign and facilitate for the restructuring of the information, communication and media landscape in Sri Lanka to ensure its development and to nurture an informed, reflective, critical and engaged citizenry that is essential for an active democratic society”.


To prepare an environment where, in a democratic society, information, communication and media can perform the role entrusted to it more effectively and productively.

Future of NSMR - Strategic Planning


NSMR is supported by the voluntary contributions of many people, including Working Groups, Committees and Task Forces and at grass-roots level networks. NSMR’s members promote and defend the interests of the media industry and right to communication and right to information, media researchers, media watch dogs and activists in terms of freedom of expression, professionalism, pluralism, diversity, accountability in the media, communication and information landscape.

Structure and Organization

A General Assembly and an Executive Committee (Board of Directors) make up the governing body of NSMR. The General Assembly takes place once a year and is the main decision-making body. The mandate of the General Assembly is to review, monitor and assess the implementation of decisions and program matters, administration and budgeting.

The Executive Committee is elected at the General Assembly for a three-year term. The Executive Committee is responsible for all the activities of the Secretariat, including its administration and provides oversight and leadership to NSMR. The general members and Executive Committee are organized into various sections and working groups.

Management Structure

Advisory Board

  • Prof. M.O. De Soysa (Former Head, Department of Political Science, University of Peradeniya)
  • Prof. Rathnasiri Arangala (Head, Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication, University of Sri Jayawardanapura)
  • Mr. K.Dayaparan (President, Jaffna Press Club)
  • Ms. K. Shyama Ranawana (Former Press Complain Commissioner)
  • Mr. P. Radhakrishna (Attorney- at- Law)
  • Mr. Nimal Ekanayake (CEO, Sri Lanka Media Training Institute)
  • Mr. Deepthi Kumara Gunaratne (Director Editorial, Sathhanda News Paper Ltd)
  • Mr. Janaka Upul Jayasinghe (General Secretary, Sri Lanka Press Association)

  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Ms. Lasanthi Manaranjani
    (BA, MA, PhD)
    Dr. Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kalinga Dona was lecturer at the University of Colombo and certified artist in Indian classical music at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), while she currently contributes to the teaching in ethnomusicology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She earned her B.A degree in Fine Arts from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, M.Mus (Master of Music) degree in North Indian classical music (violin) from the Banaras Hindu University, India, and the Ph.D. in musicology (with focus on medical ethnomusicology and music therapy) from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. As a performer (singer, violinist) and scholar, she gave presentations in more than twenty countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. She represents Sri Lanka in the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM). She is a member of the advisory board of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies from 2008 and a member of the jury of the International Ethno Festival-Contest Voices of the Golden Steppe, Astrakhan, Russia from 2011. She served in the advisory board of the State Musical Review of Children with Special Needs in Slovenia from 2010 to 2015. She is the author of several scholarly publications, including the book Music and Healing Rituals of Sri Lanka: Their Relevance for Community Music Therapy and Medical Ethnomusicology.
    Dr. Pradeep N’ Weerasinghe
    (Executive Director) (BA, M.Sc., PhD)
    Dr. Pradeep N’ Weerasinghe is a Senior Lecturer in Mass Media and former Head at the Department of Mass Media, University of Colombo. He was member of the Right to information National Task Force, Thematic Head of National Summit on Media Reforms, Principal Investigator of Management of Post Conflict Settings Research Project, Coordinator of Post Graduate Degree Programs in Mass Media, at the University of Colombo and Consultant to the Sabaragamuwa Province Radio and Television Project. He received BA in Economics, International Relations and Journalism (from the University of Colombo) with a first class, MSSC in Mass Communication (from University of Kel.) and PhD in Mass Media (from University of Wuhan). Prior to joining University of Colombo, he served as a Broadcast Journalist and Program Manager to Sri Lanka National Broadcasting Corporation. He was Media Expert at China Radio and Television International, Beijing and Executive Director at Regional Development Bank, Sri Lanka. He is an inter-disciplinary academic working in the field of Right to information, Media Management, Public Service and Community Media, Citizen Empowerment and Communication Economics. He was an Expert Panel Member of the Committee for Review of Existing Broadcasting Rating System in Sri Lank, appointed by Department of Information and Media, a Reviewer, School Curriculum of Media and Communication at National Institute of Education, a Member of Committee for Establishment of National Media Training Institute. His publications include; Covering Terrorism in South Asian Journalism (Routlege), Radio and Music in the last months of the Eelam War in Sri Lanka (Georg OlmsVerlag, Germany); Social Movement Media in Sri Lanka (Dignity Press); Community Radio (Sage); Realities and Issues of Public Service Broadcasting (Wuhan University Press); Community Radio: Theory and Practice(Sarasavi); Mass Media: Theory and Practice (Staford Lake).
    Ms. Buddhini Ramanayaka
    (Executive Director) (BA, MA, MPhil candidate)
    Buddhini Ramanayaka is a Freelance Journalist working for a Leading Media Network in Sri Lanka. With her first degree (Hons with a first class) from the Sinhala Department of university of Colombo now she is reading for a MPhil in University of Sri Jayawardanapura. Ms. Ramanayaka has several research papers to her credit, specializing in the field of Literature and Reconciliation. Ramanayaka spent few years in print media too. Widely known as a Television Program Presenter from her school days Ms. Ramanayaka was also engaged with Colombo University and Sripalee Campus as a Lecturer.
    Professor Emeritus K.A.D.Siddhisena
    (BA, M.Sc., MA, PhD)
    Prof. K.A.D. Siddhisena is a Professor Emeritus and former Head at the Department of Demography, Acting Dean Faculty of Arts, Senior Students’ Counselor, University of Colombo. He was awarded:
    • 2013 : Bill & Melinda Gates – Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA to participate International Family Planning Conference, Addis Abba. Ethiopia.
    • 2004 : Leslie Kirkley Fellowship – carried out research on socioeconomic and health implications of ageing in Sri Lanka, Oxford Institute of Ageing, University of Oxford, UK.
    • Japan Foundation Fellowship – carried out a research on the ageing of population in Sri Lanka and Japan: Socio-economic implications, at the Ryukoku University, Kyoto.
    • 1999 : The Royal Society Fellowship – carried out a research on Sri Lankan of Great Britain in collaboration with the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, London.
    • International Statistical Institute, Voorburg, Netherlands - a fellowship for participation in the ISI-ESCAP workshop on “Statistical Analysis of Demographic and Health data” at Bangkok, September – October 1991.
    • 1987 - 89 : Hewlett Foundation for doctoral research work, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.
    • : United Nations Funds for Population Activities (UNFPA) for M.Sc. Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.
    • United Nations Funds for Population Activities (UNFPA) for M.A. degree, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
    He is a Visiting Lecturer, University of Moratuwa, University of Sri JayawardenaPura, Several faculties (Arts, Science, Management, Graduate faculty, Medical in the University of Colombo, University of Kelaniya, University of Ruhuna, University of Sabaragamuwa, University of Peradeniya, Post Graduate Institute of Science (PGIS), University of Peradeniya, Kotalawala Defence University, University of Technical and Vocational, , Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Institute of Human Resource Advancement (IHRA), University of Colombo, Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, Uni. of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Management Science University (MSU), Malaysia, Open University of Malaysia (OUM), American University, London (Affiliated to PIBM), University of Wales (affiliated to Imperial Institute, CINEC, Family Planning Association, Institute of Indigenous, Medicine, University of Colombo, National Ayurveda Training Institute, , Nawinna, National Library and Documentation Services Board, Colombo 7 and National Institute of Social Development (NISD),

    He has involved in CONSULTANCY as follows:

    • 2016 : Expert Panel Member of the Committee for Review of Existing Broadcasting Rating System in Sri Lank, appointed by Department of Information and Media.
    • 2016 : Council Member of the University of Sabaragamuwa.
    • 2016 : UNFPA Consultant- Myanmar; Analyzing 2014 Census data for a Monograph on Elderly Population in Myanmar
    • 2013-2014 : A member of the Governing Council, National Institute of Social Development, Ministry of Social Services.
    • 2013 : Consultant, A Situational Analysis of Institutionalized Children in Sri Lanka
    • A Project conducted by National Institute of Social Development (NISD), Ministry of Social Services, Sri Lanka, sponsored by UNICEF and Dept. of Probation and Child Care Services
    • 2013 : Consultant in Data Analysis, Project on Strengthening Enforcement of law, Access to Justice and Social Integration (SELAJSI), Focus on Social Integration, UNDP, Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration.
    • 2013 : Consultant, ICTA project on Evaluation of e-government services, Green Tec.
    • 2013 : Principal Investigator, Survey on “Influx of vehicular to Colombo city” in Collaboration with Traffic Police Division, Police Department, Sri Lanka
    • 2013 : Consultant: Data Analysis and provisions of necessary reports, FLICT, Agreement with GIZ.
    Dr. Ragu Ram
    (BA, MA, PhD)
    Dr. S. Raguram is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies and the Coordinator of Media Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna. Earlier, He was the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Business Studies, and the Acting Rector at the Trincomalee campus, Eastern University. He obtained his B.Sc. in Visual Communication from the Pioneer institute of the field of study in South Asia; Loyola College, Chennai, India, affiliated to the University of Madras with Gold Medal and University rank for his outstanding academic performance, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Madurai Kamaraj University, India and PhD from Gandhigram Rural University, India as a Commonwealth Fellow. Prior to joining in university services, he served as a News Editor of ‘Eezhanatham’ Tamil Daily from Jaffna and ‘Thinakathir’ – first Tamil Daily from East, Chief Editor of ‘Namathu Eezhanadu’ and ‘Yarzh Thinakkural’ Tamil Dailies from Jaffna and the Executive Producer in Maharajah Television Network, Colombo and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Specialist in Asian Development Bank funded North East Coastal Community Development Project (NECCDEP).

    He is currently working as a consultant and a resource person in many areas of his specialization: visual communication, journalism and mass communication, development communication, and other related fields.

    Dr. Raguram, who holds a membership at various national-level committees, has contributed to the academic field with his participation in many studies related to national development. He further serves as an editor and a reviewer of government text books on Communication and Media studies, at the Ministry of Education, Government of Sri Lanka.

    Dr. Raguram has conducted various researches in the field of Media and Communication, and his research papers have even been presented at highly recognized international conferences. Due to his contribution to the field of media, his work has been appreciated both nationally and internationally.
    Dr. Ms. Madhubhashini Galagaderage
    (BA, MA, PhD)
    Dr. Madhubhashini Galagedarage is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies in the Department of Social Studies of the Open University of Sri Lanka. She is also a visiting lecturer in some other national and international universities. She has obtained a first class in the BA Degree for the first time in the history of the Sri Palee Campus, University of Colombo in 2007 as well as she has completed the M.Phil (2010) and PhD (2014) studies. She has obtained a scholarship from the World Bank in 2011 to complete the PhD studies. She is the youngest academic to obtain a PhD in Media and Communication studies in Sri Lanka. She is the author for three book publications: Internet and Development (2008), Internet (2009) and Digital Divide (2017) and the author for several articles that have been published in the local and international journals. Also she has presented several research papers in Media and Communication studies at various local and international conferences. Dr. Galagedarage is also a supervisor and examiner for the undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. She is a member of the academic panels and committees at the university, national and international level. Currently she is the academic coordinator for the Master of Arts in Development Studies and Public Policy in the OUSL. At present she provides her academic expertise to the Department of Government Information in Sri Lanka, the Centre for Women's Research and Strategic Alliance for Research and Development. She is also a member of the board of directors in National Secretariat for Media Reforms in Sri Lanka.
    Mr. Bertrum Nihal
    Bertram Nihal, was a Pioneer Television Journalist at National Television of Sri Lanka and a Communicator, Visualizer and pioneer media artist in Sri Lanka. His professional work in the audio-visual media spans over 30 years. He has produced over one thousand television programmes on a vast variety of subject-areas, among which are Tele dramas, Documentaries, Commercials, and Magazine Programmes etc. He is a Screenwriter, Director and Producer and over and above that, an Author of a series of books on audio-visual art forms, covering the subjects of Video & Film Production, Direction, Cinematography/Videography, Editing, Acting and Screenwriting. He earned his Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Jayawardanapura and Masters’ in Mass Media from University of Colombo.
    Mr. Bandara Dissanayaka
    (Engineer, BSc, M.Sc.)
    Mr. Bandara Dissanayake received a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from Dalian Maritime University. He has the advantage of having worked for leading International companies in China. Mr. Bandara Dissanayake worked for more than 30 years in the Private Sector in oversees, in industry, commerce and services, in senior management positions. He was the Advisor, ABB (China) Limited- Business Line Consultant Manager- Philipp Holzmann, Program Manager- Bechtel Inc, Business Line Manager/ Representative- Lockwood Greene Inc- Project Manager BOSCH GmbH, Assistant Project Manager- Motorola Inc and Field Engineer Construction – Pfizer Inc.
    Ms. S. N.P. Sumanadasa
    LLB, Attorney- At- Law
    Ms. S.N.P. Sumanadas is an Attorney- At – Law and Company Secretary. She has the advantage of having worked for leading Bank in Sri Lanka as a Legal officer. She worked for HNB Bank, Ceylan Bank and Amana Bank. She is specialized in Civil, Commercial and Labor law. She received LLB from the University of Colombo. She is the Executive Director of Children Aid Foundation – Sri Lanka.
    Ms. Sajitha Lakmali
    (BA, M.Phil)
    Ms. Sajitha Lakmali Hewapathirana is a lecture in department of Mass Media,University Of Colombo, Sri Lanka Assistant Coordinator of Diploma in Radio and Television Journalism, University of Colombo, and also Research Assistant in Research Project titled: Management of Post-Conflict Setting in Sri Lanka: An exploratory investigation of Communication Dimensions. And senior consulter of Alumina Association and Campus Radio and also member of Royal Asiatic Society. She received BA in Mass Media special ,(from the University of Colombo), Mphil in Bussiness Communication (from University of Kel.) , National diploma in Human Resource Management and Training (from IPM). And Diploma in Electronic Media ( SLRC) Prior to joining University of Colombo, he served as a Creative writer to Sarva integrated Advertising Agency. Her most recent books Media Criticism (2012), Future of radio in a digital age (2010) The Role of the Media in the Contemporary Socio, Economic and Political Process of Society (2013), “Build an active, manner and ethical, spectator in a commercial Media” (2014.Volume 01, 2nd issue), “New trends of advertising” (2014.Volume 01, 3rd issue), “Facebook for Business” (2014)Her present her own research in various country Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, also in India. Her areas of specialization include New Trends of Technology, Public Service Broadcasting, Critical Social Theory, New Media Practices, Advertising and Marketing communication. She is currently working on a new book titled new critical narrative style for Advertising.
    Ms. Fathima Sharmila
    (BA, MA, MPhil candidate)
    Ms. Fathima Sharmila Latheef received BA in Mass Media (from the University of Colombo, Sri Palee Campus) with a Second class Upper and following MPhil in Mass Communication (at University of Kelaniya). She works as a Research Assistant of Management of Post Conflict Settings Research Project. She worked as a Creative Writer at ‘Sarva Integrated’ Advertising Agency, Journalist at ‘Sunday Apple’ National Youth Newspaper. Ms Fathima worked as a Web Journalist at ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ Web Site and www.aanduwa.lk news web site.
    Ms. Shyma Jinasena
    Shyama Janakee Jinasena is a candidate who is currently following Mphil/PhD in university of Colombo. She possesses a B.A (Special) in Mass Media with 2nd class honors from Sripalee campus of UOC as well, further she obtained her post graduate diploma in Education in UOC. She has followed Diploma and Certificate Course in International Relation in Bandaranayake center for International studies. She also completed a Human Resources Management course in Institute of personal management. She is fluent in Japanese language with proven good results for number of exams conducted by Association of International language and Japanese language education association. She was a former visiting lecturer in Sripalee campus of UOC and currently she is carrying out lecturing at Open University of Sri Lanka. She served as a journalist in Daily newspaper at Association Newspapers Ceylon Ltd. She has published two reputed Sinhala books “Janamadya, Prajava ha Nayakathvaya Athara”(Godage publication) and “Nava Thakshanaya ha Prathamika adyapanaya”.(Godage publication). By providing her writing skills to Horizon Research Publishing, (USA) for journal publications of “How the Korean soap opera influenced Sri Lankan life” and “Social media impact on youth depression” evidenced the interest and the capability of her. She has conducted number of researches about media varieties in social media and tourism, social media and youth depression, plus about the telecasted Korean soap operas in Sri Lanka.
    Mr. Arunasiri Jayawickrama
    Mr. Arunasiri Jayawickrama received BA in Mass Communication from the University of Kelaniya. He has more than twenty years’ experience as a Broadcast Journalist at Sri Lanka National Broadcasting Corporation and Giradurukotte Community Radio Station. He is the founder of first Sri Lankan Indigenous Radio station “Dabana Radio”. Currently he works as Manager of Dabana Radio in Uva Province, Sri Lanka.
    Mr. Dencil Weerasooriya
    (BA, MA)
    Mr. Dencil Weerasooriya received BA and MA in Mass Communication from the University of Kelaniya. He has more than twenty-five years’ experience as a Press Officer at Sabaragamuwa Provincial Cuncil, Sri Lanka. He is the initiator of Sabaragamuwa Radio and Television project. Currently he is reading for a MA in Mass Media ,University of Colombo.