Strategic Focus

We believe that a strong, active, democratic, open society will emerge through Information, communication and media landscape where pluralism, diversity, openness, accountability and a critical citizens’ society plays a key role.

To achieve the above stated information, communication and media landscape and to empower citizens, NSMR will focus on the following key areas:

Development of Policy

NSMR will analyse, review and develop information, communication and media related policies and will express policy positions in response to emerging information, communication and media issues. It will work to develop a new and strengthen the existing legal and policy instruments and institutional frameworks to make information, communication and media policy and development more effective and productive.

Awareness and Advocacy

NSMR will create awareness in the information, communication and media landscape and amongst citizens on Reforms, Editorial Independence, Pluralism, Diversity, Accountability, Openness, Community Communication, Right to Information, Media and Cyber Literacy, Transitional Justice, Social Cohesion, Peace Building, and Democracy and will mobilize both the media, information and communication practitioners’ and citizens to achieve those ideals.

Citizen-based Partnership

NSMR will mobilize, train and facilitate citizens for the establishment of Public Service Media, Community Media, Online Media and will create Alternative Media contents and act as a watch dog and access to information and right to communication.