National Consultation Summit on Media Reforms (NCSMR Project)

The concept of National Summit was initially proposed to draft a set of recommendations that would be useful in pressurizing the new government to adopt some structural and policy changes with regard to media and to include media policy changes in the upcoming parliamentary election manifestoes.


The purpose of the National Media Summit is “to maximise the contribution of all stakeholders in initiating and sustaining the process facilitating a media structural and policy reforms that will foster democracy good governance and sustainable development in Sri Lanka

Expected Outcomes

  1. 1. A draft a policy document that will be available for political parties to be used as a working document or to include in the political party manifestos during the parliamentary elections.

  2. 2. To form a strong pressure group to lobby the parliament members to implement the agreed media structural and policy changes in Sri Lanka.

  3. 3. To encourage the participation of the general public in the process of achieving media freedom in Sri Lanka.

This was to be done with the participation of all stakeholders gathered under 6 thematic areas. The thematic areas are:

  • Promotion of freedom of expression and media law and ethics
  • media pluralism, Diverse mix of public, private and community media
  • Regulatory system for broadcasting and technological aspects of media
  • Requirements for fairness , impartiality Public trust and confidence in the media
  • Media Education / Professional capacity building
  • Media in the process of good governance and development